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The new Vermeer

65x75cm  |  Acrylic on panel  |  2022/23

Johannes Vermeer

Watch the making of...

Almost all works by Johannes Vermeer will come to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in 2023 for the largest Vermeer exhibition ever. However, 6 of his paintings have disappeared. In the TV program De Nieuwe Vermeer , creatives and professional artists from all over the Netherlands bring these vanished works to life. An ode to the iconic painter, but above all an ode to the creative Netherlands. In addition to a television program, the program also includes a podcast, VOD series and online exhibition

6 paintings

Johannes Vermeer is one of the most famous artists in the Netherlands. His paintings hang in leading museums around the world. 6 paintings by Vermeer have disappeared, been lost, stolen or perished over the years. They are only described in a few sentences on old auction lists. Each episode focuses on one of these lost works. Two groups of artists participate in the program: the free category and selected master painters. Each week a winner is chosen from both.

Free category

The free category is the largest group and consists of self-registered creatives and professional artists. They make a personal interpretation of a lost work. From glass, wool and photos to building blocks; everything passes.

How i made my version of this Vermeer!

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